Since 1959
We are artisans & manufacturers

Artesa is a company manufacturing fabrics, braids, bands, crochets... for shoes, leather goods and fashion accessories located in Crevillente (Spain), the origins go back to the late 50s when we started our business producing by hand traditional sisal handbags.

Our interest for fashion and our will to innovate made us evolve to more global shoes, handbags and fashion accessories business, increasing our range of materials and taking part in the first commercial exhibitions in 1985. As a natural consequence the company’s international expansion came by taking part in exhibitions in Portugal, Italy... to end up exporting goods worldwide from our factory. At present day one can find Artesa products used by the most prestigious and well known fashion brands. This customer trust recognises our great products quality for fashion shoes, leather works and accessories manufactured in Spain.

Fabrics and textile trimmings for shoes, handbags and fashion accessories.

We can produce whatever you imagine.

From the most natural like raffia, linen, jute or cotton to stripes, metallic effects, knit, embroidery, velvety and much more.

Textile designs and colors for the fashion and design sector.

We custom develop textile products. If you don´t  find what you are looking for among our offer, please contact us as we can manufacture it for you. Our curious and experimental character and the possibilities given by the fact that we are manufacturers make that the options that we offer are endless and it allows us to offer a completely custom service to our customers.

We work hand in hand with almost all the great designers as well as with the brands producing fashion for mass consumption because we are capable of adapting ourselves to the requirements and needs of each of them.

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